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Thank you for your interest in our company: what you are reading right now Is the Company Profile for LARIZ Hotels Management & Consultant, a rapidly growing professional hospitality/hotel management company that I am sure you will hear about more often in the future every time you are looking for a good Hotel to stay at.

To become one of the leading hospitality management companies in Indonesia is our goal, and we realize it is a goal that is impossible to achieve without support. This Company Profile is a part of our effort to introduce ourselves better to our clients, our guests, and you; the people whose support we need the most in order to achieve our goal, the people that matter the most.

With this Company Profile you can learn about our philosophy, our character, our product/service, our people, and more. Wise men once say that “you only can love what you know”, and thus we hope that our introduction in this Company Profile to you can be a good beginning of a great relationship between our company and you that will last for a long, long time.


  • Developing a positive and highly encouraging working environment where employees can aspire to become the best in whatever they do while acquiring the skills and the aptitude necessary to develop even further.
  • Developing only the best in Hotel and Resort experience where guests and clients are treated not only customers, but as close friend or even a part of family member whose well-being and needs are always a priority in our considerations.
  • Developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our shareholders and business partners that are based in trust and the belief that we are a dependable and reliable company that will always strive to deliver the best possible results.


To transform ourselves into a locally based professional hotels & resorts management company with a strong, dependable reputation in the highly competitive Indonesian and even International Hospitality industry.

Core Value

Core Value is our DNA


Just like a paternal love of a father towards his sons and/or daughters, the basic philosophy of our company and service is delivering only the best result borne of our love towards you as our clients, guests, and a part of our family. We love everything that we do, and we love making you feel that you are the most special, because you are.


Trust is the basis of every good relationship, and we are always striving to become a company that can be trusted, dependable, and accountable for our partners, clients, shareholders, and everyone else that does business with us. We will always try to become a company that can always compel ourselves to do better for the sake of those that has given that trust to us.


A good company is a company capable of setting out goals and objectives, and then creating plans or does the necessary actions for the sole sake of achieving that goals and objectives in the best possible manner. LARIZ Hotels and Resorts Management always use careful planning and assessments to determine our budget, goals, and objectives, and we are very careful in ensuring that we do not deviate from whatever is necessary to achieve them.


LARIZ Hotels and Resorts Management understands that the best possible results are only achievable by the integration of several crucial factors such as cooperation, trust, and strong focus. The importance of such integration is why we develop a work ethos that combine all those factors in our employees; a work ethos designed so that they understand that only by cooperating with each other, by safeguarding the trust that is given to us, and by focusing towards our goals, can we achieve great success.


Anticipation, innovation, and a sense of accuracy are all important factors in order to minimize mistakes that may come from carelessness or misplaced sense of confidence. That is why our company always put a strong emphasis of not only comprehensive planning based on careful measurements but also the sense of commitment of always sticking to that same plan, all for the sake of eliminating mistakes from our business strategies. These are the exceptional individuals that stand at the very top of LARIZ Hotels & Resorts Management; the leaders and the decision makers of our company. Wealth of experience, great leadership skills, and a comprehensive insight towards the highly dynamic hospitality industry are all the qualities that these individuals possess; qualities that allow them to dependably lead our company towards our goal to become one of the leading hospitality management companies in Indonesia and beyond.

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