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LARIZ Hotels & Resorts Management offers you quality aid from experts and professionals of the Hotel industry that can offer you comprehensive insights and knowledge about the best way to achieve greatness amidst the highly competitive hospitality industry. From planning to operational, from human resources to business strategies, our services will offer you all the necessary elements that you will need to not only survive, but to thrive in success.

Architecture & Construction

Great Design & Functional


Based on our comprehensive knowledge and insight in building, constructing, and opening Hotels, we provide services to optimize the structural and technical requirements of your Hotels architecture elements. With leading experts from many fields, you can always expect solutions that answer only to the highest technical and quality standards.

  • Handling of legal requirements.
  • Providing preliminary and concepts for review.
  • Choosing the appropriate consultant for the project.
  • Providing assistance in designs to maximize available space and funds.
  • Providing a network of supplier to ensure steady flow of supplies critical.
  • for the smoothness of the project.
  • Project monitoring to ensure compliance to the agreed schedule and quality standards.

Providing assistance as per required in all steps of the project, from the beginning, to constructing, to opening, and beyond.

Project Management

Ensuring The Hotel Project on Time


We also provide a comprehensive management of each and aspect that relate to the viability of your project from the beginning to the end. The following is some of the project management services that we provide.

  • Conceptualization and planning based on carefully measured market research.
  • Specification and standards monitoring based on careful planning.
  • Construction monitoring, including on-field observation and supervision.

Handling and managing related issues, and supervising the necessary elements required for the successful completion of the project such as equipment, facilities, and assets.

Operational Management

Deliver Excellence Operation Assistant


We are providing aid for you in conducting and managing the overall operational procedures related to the running of your Hotel business, beginning from pre-opening to post-opening. The following is some of the operational management services that we provide:

  • Conducting recruitment process to select the appropriate human resources required to run your business, as well as providing the necessary training to increase their skills and aptitude.
  • Budgeting and forecasting based on insightful market research.
  • Providing a network of trusted vendor, suppliers, and partners for your every
purchasing requirements. Monthly report, evaluation, and performance review of staff personal. This also 
includes paperwork, documentation and procedures such as financial report and 
credit control.
  • Regular maintenance of all operation elements of the Hotel.

Sales & Marketing

Giving Penetration Market to Achieve Revenue


Good marketing is the basic fundamental of a successful business. As part of our comprehensive service for your business., LA’RIZ Hotels & Resorts Management will also help you tackling all the crucial sales and marketing aspects for your Hotel business.

  • Implementing public relation programs to increase awareness.
  • Creating and maintaining your online presence such as social media and website (which include content editing, design template, and search Engine Optimization)
  • Corporate Identity Branding for a standardized quality of and approach to designs.

Integration to our proprietary Hotel Program System in your every establishment to greatly streamline Hotel operational processes and increase productivity significantly.

Program Hotel System

Giving Penetration Market to Achieve Revenue

Our Hotel Program is a proprietary program designed to greatly streamline of your Hotel operational proceses and procedures, from Front Office to Back Office and all the interconected departements of your Hotel. This one-for-all solution program will significantly enhance the productivity of your employees, allowing you a better way to achieve the best results available for your Hotel business.

Social Responsibilty Program

Giving Penetration Market to Achieve Revenue

We belive that community surround us and the general public at large are inseparable and crucial parts of our objective to become one of the leading hospitality management companies arround, and that we cannot hope to achieve our goals without their support. As such, LA’RIZ Hotels & Resorts Management creates various programs and activities for our Social Responsibility efforts as parts of our endeavor to give back to the communities supporting us, programs designed to empower and enrich the lives of those around us and those that support us

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